Becoming an ITAA member: an introduction

It is often said that the decision to choose a particular profession is taken at school. But in reality we know that the first steps towards the ITAA are often only taken after testing many professional waters. ITAA’s aim is to take this trend into account when it comes to gaining access to the profession. The intention should never be to tie someone to one particular choice.

That said, the ITAA wants to guarantee that the title of ‘certified’ can only be held by a person who is ‘capable of exercising those [professional] activities in compliance with the legal, regulatory and normative framework’. There is a good reason why the qualifying examination ‘…[includes] questions on the practice of the profession, assignments, responsibility, standards, professional maturity, the deontology of the profession and anti-money laundering legislation.

For this reason, there are two crucial stages for acquiring an ITAA qualification: obtaining a specific diploma and passing a qualifying examination.
The paths taken for these two phases may have some variations, but ultimately it is about getting a good basis for going to the commercial court or the chairman of ITAA to take the oath: ‘I swear allegiance to the King, that I will obey the Constitution and the laws of the Belgian people and I swear to fulfil the assignments entrusted to me in good faith’.

Our brochure has more information on the different courses of action and the diplomas that give access to the profession of (certified) accountant and/or tax advisor.